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Frequently Asked Questions

About Trendsi

Does Trendsi offer a turnkey website solution?

Yes! We want to make your success as simple as possible, so we automatically generate a web store for you.

Does the Trendsi platform let me connect other sales channels?

Yes. You can connect multiple Shopify websites if you have them and also add products to your Facebook/Instagram shop if you have one.

Can I connect a Shopify store to Trendsi?

Yes. You can choose to add products to Shopify and when you do we will walk you through the simple process of connecting your Shopify store by entering your domain and then granting access to our platform. Simple and powerful!

Does Trendsi sync with Shopify?

Yes. Our integration with Shopify keeps everything between the Trendsi platform and your Shopify stores running smoothly.

How do I fulfill Shopify orders on Trendsi?

When you have connected a Shopify store to Trendsi your Shopify customers' orders can be seen in the Trendsi platform. You will checkout to pay for those orders with your Trendsist discounted price and they will then be fulfilled. Shopify will take care of the rest.

Can I connect a Facebook shop to Trendsi?

Currently you can add products from Trendsi to Facebook/Instagram in the form of a CSV spreadsheet that are formatted to import into your Facebook shop. This is a great way to use Trendsi as a product supplier for your Facebook shop.

Can I connect an Instagram shop to Trendsi?

Currently you can export products from Trendsi in the form of a CSV spreadsheet that are formatted to import into your Instagram shop. This is a great way to use Trendsi as a product supplier for your Instagram shop.

Where is Trendsi available and where can I sell Trendsi products?

Trendsi is currently available in the United States and we ship within the USA including all US territories and military bases. We look forward to expanding to other regions in the future.

When can I start with Trendsi?

Now! Start selling for free by simply visiting You'll be up and running in no time!

What is a Trendsist?

A Trendsist is simply someone that sells using our Trendsi platform. They also qualify for even lower prices when they buy items for themselves.

How do I become a Trendsist?

Get a referral code from another Trendsist and enter it in the app when you sing in. You can also visit to get a referral code. You will be up and running right away.

What apps does Trendsi have?

Trendsi has apps for iOS ( and Android ( mobile devices as well as a web app ( for computers.


When does Trendsi get new items for sale?

We are always finding great new brands and products for you to enjoy. We love bringing the latest items and seasonal offerings to you on a weekly basis.

What info or branding is on the products?

Trendsi sources awesome products from various manufacturers that will have varying brands. You can expect normal tags and/or information on the products, but orders are sent without any additional info so as to be generic and not interfere with your brand.

Does Trendsi provide size charts?

Yes. We include well designed and organized size charts with every relevant item in the product images.


How do I transfer money to my bank account?

Go to the Earn section of the app. You can link your bank account and transfer the money.

How long does it take to transfer money from Trendsi?

This may vary based on where you bank but it is usually no longer than 7 business days.

Can I refer people to Trendsi?

Yes. In fact, when you get people to sign up we will pay you a bonus! Just go to the "Account" tab and tap the "Refer & Earn" section to share your unique referral code with people. If they join and make $200 in sales in the first 30 days we will pay you $50.

Shipping & Returns

How long does shipping take?

We are a US supplier and orders are processed within 1-2 business days. Estimated shipping time is 3-5 business days. We manage our supply chain and fulfillment so we can offer you a great Trendsi experience.

How much does shipping cost?

Trendsi offers free shipping for any order over $59 subtotal, and flat rate $4.99 shipping for everything else.

Does Trendsi offer returns?

Yes. We want our customers to be happy with their Trendsi experience and offer a 7-day return policy.

How do my customers or I return merchandise?

You or your customer can request a return at if there is an issue with your item(s). Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping to return merchandise. Merchandise must be in unused, unwashed condition with original tags. Incase of wrong shipments, damaged goods, or other situations originating with Trendsi, we will provide you with a return label. You may request a return within 7 days after delivery.

How do customers or I track orders?

You can track orders in the Trendsi app by going to Account > Orders. Customers will receive emails with order updates and information. They can also sign into your storefront on the web to see orders and information.

Where does Trendsi ship to?

Trendsi currently ships within the USA including all US territories and military bases. We look forward to expanding to other regions in the future.

How do my customers or I report damaged or missing items?

You can contact us to report damaged or missing items from the app by going into Account and finding that order. You and customers can also email us at Customers can visit your storefront on the web and sign in to view order info and contact us also. We will help you resolve the situation and can also offer a free return if needed.

Can my customers or I change the shipping address after placing an order?

Yes if the order hasn't been shipped yet. Please email on behalf of yourself or your customer for this request and we will help you change the shipping address of an order.


Do I support my customers if I am a Trendsist?

We take care of most everything for you because we want you to succeed. We also want you to have a good relationship with your customers, so you will need to support your customers by answering questions and helping ensure a great experience for them.

Do customers contact me or contact Trendsi when they have questions about the merchandise?

You will help answer any questions that your customers have because we want you to have a good relationship with your customers. We are also here to help support you if you cannot answer a question from your customers. Please email us at

What if my customers have questions about the merchandise or orders they placed?

We encourage you to answer any questions that your customers may have because this helps maintain a good customer relationship. You can check your customers' order status in the orders section under the Account tab in the Trendsi app. For questions that you cannot answer, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you promptly.

Does Trendsi offer training?

Yes. We want to help you succeed because we all win together. We offer free training and a community to help you learn and grow as you achieve your dreams.