Trendsi Tips: The "A" Word

Facebook Algorithm

You've probably heard of the term "algorithm" before, but what does it mean exactly, and how does it work?


Facebook algorithm controls the type of content each person sees based on what they think is most relevant through the user's interactions on the platform. So if you've ever wondered how you always see the same FB friends or pages on your News Feed, this is why.

What This Means For Your Business

If your Facebook business page does not have a lot of followers, the algorithm can make it hard for you to grow your account and be discoverable by new customers. Luckily, Facebook recently announced a new change that will be beneficial to small businesses. They will revise the algorithm to not only recommend businesses that friends interact with, but also businesses they think someone may be interested in. That means you do not necessarily need to pay for Facebook ads in order to gain organic traffic.

How to Work the Algorithm

👭 Leverage your Facebook friends

  • Post your business page link onto your personal timeline and ask them to share and follow.

  • Share posts from your business page onto your personal timeline to increase reach and drive traffic back into your business page.

  • Since FB algorithm is based on your personal interactions, go through your friend list and interact with people you haven't in a while by liking or commenting on their posts- don't force it if it feels unnatural.

📝 What you post matters

  • Social media is increasingly favoring quality over quantity.

  • Instead of posting a product with only pricing and link, write longer captions that will encourage your followers to comment- i.e. asking a question, describing the product, or making outfit recommendations.

  • Mix in some personality by posting things about yourself or your daily life- remember that YOU are also part of the shopper's experience.

🕓 When you post matters

  • The amount of engagement also depends on the time of day you're posting and that can vary according to your audience.

  • Think about when someone would have the most time to browse FB- in the morning before work, around lunchtime, and early evening before bed.

  • The best way to test and see what works for you is to post at different times for a few weeks.

  • Frequency also matters- allow at least 2 hours of "cool down" time before your next post if you plan to post more than once per day, so FB doesn't think it's spam.

🛠️ Utilize all the free Facebook features

  • FB wants its users to stay on the platform as much as possible and they are rolling out a lot of free tools for business owners to make that possible.

  • If you haven't done so already, apply for a commerce account and set up your FB shop. Check out our previous blog regarding FB Commerce.

  • FB does a really good job of recommending things you should do for your business page, so if you use those features, they are more likely to boost your account.

🎥 Facebook Live seller algorithm tips

  • Set up your FB shop ASAP so you can use the FB live product link feature- FB has been boosting accounts who utilize this feature and increasing viewership.

  • Announce ahead when you would go live and try to pick a time people would be able to tune in.

  • Use a cute title for your video to attract attention.

  • Do not put links in the title of your live, but instead, put it in the comments and pin the comment- FB does not like outside links, so having it will decrease visibility.

  • Acknowledge each person who joins your live and remind them to like & follow your page for future lives.

  • Remind viewers to share your video publicly if possible.

  • Comments from viewers are one of the most important things that can boost your video, so ask your audience questions, encourage them to say hi, and don't be afraid to get a little more personal with a viewer that you know.

By: Jaylene, Customer Success Manager