Let's Talk About Shipping

Hello, my dear Trendsists. Many of you have probably already noticed, that we have listed many new products that require a few extra days on shipping. They are suppliers from both China and the United States. This collaboration allows us to quickly provide more varieties and quantities of styles for your customers to enjoy.

All of these products are still processed upon arrival at our Domestic warehouse and are expected to be delivered within 5-10 business days. Our on-hand products are still processed right away and will still be delivered within the 2-5 business day expectancy.

How do you filter products based on shipping time?

Some of you have been inquiring how to differentiate between these products. Here is how.

Click on the filter button, and choose shipping time between 2-5 business days or 5-10 business days to see which ones are Trendsi inventory and which ones are from collaborating suppliers.

If your customers are willing to wait a few more days to receive their order, you do not need to use this filter option. All of our products, including the ones from our suppliers, undergo a strict quality check before we decide to list them. This ensures that you are getting good quality products at a competitive price. It also allows Trendsi the ability to offer many more products, categories, and styles to your store.

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions. We are always here to listen.