How to Start with Trendsi

We want to bring you a joyful experience using Trendsi. Here are some quick guide for you. If you require additional support please reach out to us at

Share with others

How to share to others?

- Find any merchandise item in the Trendsi app and tap the "Share To Earn" button. - The app will automatically copy a link to your clipboard for pasting later. - Choose if you want to allow people to contact you via phone with questions. You can tap and uncheck the check mark to not allow it. Then tap the "Share To Earn" button again. - A share sheet will slide up and you can select various apps on your device to share to. - After you select an app to share to you can type messages and paste the link that was copied before. - More info about how to post depends on where you choose to post. See our other How To topics for deatils on specific types.

Share to Facebook

Share to Facebook News Feed

- Follow the steps from the "Share Basics" how to... - Tap the Facebook app in the share sheet. - Tap "News Feed". - You can then choose who to post to such as "Public" or "Friends". Type a description then tap in the input and select "Paste" from the popup menu to paste the link that was automatically copied before. Tap "Post" and you're done! - Pro Tip: Instead of pasting the link in the description, just post with the description you typed and then go to the post on Facebook and paste the link in a comment on the post. This will get you more exposure because of how the Facebook algorithm works :)